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Metal Ravenloft D&D Dice

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So you've arrived in Barovia, either by choice... or not. There's dark work afoot... clearly. Do you align with the darkness or try to fight against it? Either way you're gonna need new dice because that pretty rainbow coloured set just sticks out like a sore thumb in the lands of darkness and mist.

These dice are perfect for any Ravenloft campaign and offer enough variety to keep you happy whether you're going to join the dark side or crusade for the light.

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These dice come packed in a re-useable Black Drawstring Bag.

D&D Dice Bagged

This set contains one of each of:







Percentile (ones)

Percentile (tens)

Eat, Sleep, Eldritch Blast, Repeat

Awesome Gear for the Spooky Warlock in Your Crew.

We've curated a collection of D&D Dice (and other bits & pieces) to make even the meanest patron sit up and pay attention. Follow our socials for updates on when these (and the impending other class collections) are available at special discounts. 


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