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D&D Fireball Shirt

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"I didn't ask how big the room is,
I said I cast Fireball!"

We've taken the classic D&D Wizard saying and turned it up to eleven. In the classic tradition of Raistlin Majere and D&D evoker wizards celebrate turning your opponents to ash. Whether it's for you, or as a gift for the fire-starter in your party. While despatching your foes with flame do it in comfort - This shirt is soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch, comfortable and flattering for all. Price above does not include freight (see below).

Eat, Sleep, Eldritch Blast, Repeat

Awesome Gear for the Spooky Warlock in Your Crew.

We've curated a collection of D&D Dice (and other bits & pieces) to make even the meanest patron sit up and pay attention. Follow our socials for updates on when these (and the impending other class collections) are available at special discounts. 


Warlock Dice

Nature's Retreat

Global Fusion

Timeless Classics

Contemporary Edge

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