Power to
the Thiccness!

Be one with your inner simp or thot... Defend the thiccness! Shout out to the world "Free Amouranth!* Empower Kaitlyn to dump that dudes arse!" and wear your thiccness or simpness with pride!

(see how we're supporting change below)

Kaitlyn, buy this shirt For the discerning simp We like to imagine Kaitlyn's cat is purple


Defend the Thiccness!

Defend the Thiccness


Part proceeds from every thicc or simp product sold by Molly’s Grotto is donated to organisations like White Ribbon Australia to work towards a world where every person who is a victim of coercive control is aware that the resources exist to support their escape from oppression.

No person should ever have to suffer the kind of imprisonment that Kaitlyn endured and we celebrate her decision to extricate herself. We hope she stays safe, prospers, becomes the strong women she deserves and is able to use this experience to empower others to be better. While we work diligently on developing programmes to educate young men how to be better than Kaitlyn’s (ex?) husband… we’ll continue looking for ways to improve the visibility of networks to support victims of this kind of heinous behaviour.

We’ve come a long way from women being fined for showing too much leg at 1920’s beaches. Values, both personal and societal, evolve over time and will forever be the source of heated discussion or debate. Generations past will always view generations to come as risque or even offensive... this is the way. Thicc, Hunty, Chungus or Tinderella, every person should be free to celebrate and express their identity as they choose without being forced to do so or without it leading to harassment. There are obviously caveats around freedom of self expression based on the context/forum in which those expressions appear (ie mature content is not acceptable in media viewed by minors) but as long as that expression does not cause harm to others or deprive others of their reasonable liberties people should be free to celebrate their identity in an appropriate space with a level of understanding – not knee-jerk derision.

*Yes, Amouranth is how it's spelt. You're one of the millions that spell it amaranth aren't you? As punishment you should probably buy an extra shirt. We're in no way afilliated with Amouranth, Amaranth ;D Pokimane, Belle Delphine, Your Mum, Auronplay, Emiru or any massive streamer frankly... we're just watching carefully and trying to make sure we all don’t break the internet (well, maybe just dent it a little).